What is this?

Hi I’m Brooke and this is a small weekly collection of stories and drawings, sent to you in an email (or accessed on this website).

A small weekly collection of stories and drawings about what?

There will be longer sad animal facts, happy animal facts, other things I learned, and a lot of things that happened in my neighborhood or in my own head. Hopefully there will be goats. We all want there to be goats.

Since it will be in your email, I’ll try to make sure it’s always something that’s interesting or surprising or makes your day better.

There will also be news about projects I’m working on.

Wait, how will it be in my email?

If you subscribe you’ll get an email alert with every new post, so you won’t need to check this website, and you won’t miss anything.

The internet is so big that I can’t really see the edges of it, and it’s nice to have a smaller space to tell stories and talk to people. I’m really glad you’re here.